misha de ridder (NL, 1971) is a visual artist working with photography and video based in Amsterdam.

after graduating University of the Arts Utrecht in 1996 misha de ridder's work has been widely exhibited amongst others at Coda Museum, Foam Photography Museum, FoMu Photo Museum Antwerp, Juliètte Jongma Gallery, Rosegallery Santa Monica, Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Museum of the City of New York and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. de ridder’s work has been acquired by major collections like the Amsterdam City Archives, Foam Photography Museum, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Museum Voorlinden.

de ridder published seven monographs: Sightseeing (De Balie 2000), Wilderness (Artimo 2003), Abendsonne (Schaden 2011),
Dune (Lavalette 2011), Solstice (Native 2012), Falaise (Roma 2016) and high up close by (Roma 2019).

unreal reality . feral mimesis . ecosexuality

featuring geography, light, weather and ephemeral phenomena misha de ridder creates photographs and video work of almost absurd brilliance. his quiet images evoke contemplation and intimacy and invite you to look anew to what you think you know, to rethink your relation to what surrounds, envelops you. how the perceptual and the conceptual are intrinsically connected is an important theme in the work. reality is an act of deep imagination. mechanical representations produced with the machine eye of the camera disclose for us another, almost magical perspective. the camera helps us to see the way we are intertwined with the world, to make palpable that we are part of this entity as a given that transcends us. something that is both as real as it is incomprehensible.

    "At a moment when technology is increasingly mediating the relationship people have with their surroundings, de Ridder’s work pushes us to go out and explore what we are missing. It is not often that photographs of such visceral beauty can elicit a deep, meaningful engagement with how we perceive and understand the world around us."
    - Albada Jelgersma Gallery, press release 'resilience'

    "Sometimes natural phenomena can become so estranged and mysterious, that we are inclined to describe them as unreal realities. It might be the extraordinary shape of a tree, a mountain, a shadow, a cloud or the mirroring reflection of nature in a lake, but it is foremost the unfamiliarity of the natural aesthetics of reality. Misha de Ridder’s works can be seen as attempts to capture these temporary phenomena and atmospheres of nature within the still medium of photography. By seeking for the absence of human intervention, by waiting for the climax of the temporal aesthetic and by pushing the camera to its technical limits De Ridder’s photographs become both exotic reports as autonomous artificial worlds."
    - Galerie Juliètte Jongma, press release 'Abendsonne'

    "As an artist, De Ridder makes images that could easily become saccharine calendar art or empty exercises in sublime kitsch. Arctic sunsets, verdant dunes and dense forests have all been De Ridder's subjects, but he has always succeeded in pushing them to a new level and forced us to look again - either through inventive design in the case of Wilderness or editorial restraint and focus, as in the case of Dune. In some ways, De Ridder's works are so forcefully anachronistic that they are contemporary. It takes a brave and talented soul to tackle the sublime landscape and succeed like De Ridder."
    - Adam Bell, PhotoEye Magazine

    "To search, to disclose and to write with light is what Misha de Ridder does in his landscape photos and videos. He does not seek the comfort zone of the beautiful and picturesque, but the sublime. It is a quest for entering into a confrontation with nature as a given larger than ourselves, to re-visualize a greatness that is both realistic but also inconceivable. Landscape is a paradox: how can we hold as an image what perhaps can't be photographed, the change of light for example, or the tactility of the landscape. The greatness lifts us beyond borders we are not always able to comprehend, not mentally, nor in feeling. Landscape is not only seen, but is a multi-sensory experience with knowledge and craft."
    - Professor Erik A. de Jong, opening speech 'Solstice',
      Foam Photography Museum


Born 1971 in Alkmaar, NL
Lives and works in Amsterdam

1996    HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

2019    Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol, Switzerland >
2006    Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt log
2004    Raid Projects Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2020   'resilience', Albada Jelgersma Gallery, Amsterdam
       'Seven X Seven | Session One', Albada Jelgersma Gallery,
2018   'Inside', Galerie Juliètte Jongma, Amsterdam
2017    AMC Brummelkamp galerie, Amsterdam
2012    Unseen Photo Fair @ Galerie Juliètte Jongma, Amsterdam
       'Sublime Nature in Brutalist architecture', Thomaskerk,   
2011   'Solstice', Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam >
2009   'Abendsonne', Galerie Juliètte Jongma, Amsterdam >
2007    Fiac @ Galerie Juliètte Jongma, Paris
2006   'Wilderness', Greenleaf Gallery, Los Angeles
2005   'Elysian Fields', Galerie Juliètte Jongma
       'Het dak van de hemel', Kunstkerk, Dordrecht, NL
2004   'Hunting', Kunsthuis 13, Velp, NL
       'Beautiful Tree in Terrible City', Raid Projects Gallery, 
        Los Angeles
2003   'Wilderness', Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam
2000   'Sightseeing', Huis Marseille, Amsterdam

2022   'Our Mother the Mountain'
, La MaMa Galleria, New York
       'One Year'
, Assembly Curated, Voxels
       'Quintessence', Albada Jelgersma Gallery, Amsterdam
, Brummelkamp Gallery, Amsterdam
2021   'Edition 365', British Journal of Photography
, New Art City
       'Through the looking glass', Albada Jelgersma Gallery
2020   'Koop dit of dit of dit', Capitol C, Amsterdam
       'Try this at home', Albada Jelgersma Gallery, Amsterdam
2019   'Curraint d’ajer utuon', Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol, CH 
       'Conceal/Reveal', Albada Jelgersma Gallery, Amsterdam
       'Stad in Zicht', Amsterdam City Archives
   'Verlicht MIJ. Night landscape', Museum IJsselstein, NL
       'The Image of a Private Collection', Huize Frankendael,

       'In Vivo', Noorderlicht Photofestival, NL
       'The merry-go-round', Galerie Juliètte Jongma, Amsterdam
2017   'Reference', Rosegallery, Los Angeles
        FIF BH, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2016    Het Kunstlokaal, De School, Amsterdam

       'El Bosque', Begira Photo, Durango, E
2015   'Mijn Vlakke Land.', FoMu FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen
2014   'The conquest of the impossible', Mogosoaia Cultural    
        Center, Bucharest, RO
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       'Reflected – works from the Foam collection', Foam
        Photography Museum Amsterdam
       'The Force of Nature', CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL
2013   'ikono On Air Festival', ikono tv, Berlin
       'It’s About Time', e-flux Timebank The Hague
       'Unseen', Dropstuff, Venice
2012   'Terra Cognita', Noorderlicht Photofestival, NL
       'Torinover', Museo d’Arte Orientale, Torino
2011   'Visions on Film', Triennial of Photography Hamburg
2010   'Lost & Found in Vilnius', Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
       'Stream', Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles / Pent House
        Gallery, Baltimore
2009   'Dutch Seen: New York Rediscovered', Museum of the City of 
        New York >
       'Lost & Found in New York', New Museum, New York
2008   'Horror Vacui', Layr Wuestenhagen Contemporary, Vienna
        Fiac @ Galerie Juliètte Jongma, Paris
2006   'Naturaleza', PHotoEspaña, Madrid
       'Google Earth', Academiegalerie, Utrecht
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       'Toekenning 021', Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam
2003   'Link - Gemeentelijke Aankopen', Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
2001   'Mooie foto’s', Aschenbach & Hofland Galleries, Amsterdam

MONOGRAPHY (selection)
2019    high up close by, Roma Publications, ISBN 9789492811561

2016    Falaise, Roma Publications, ISBN 9789491843723
2012    Solstice, Native Publications, USA
2011    Abendsonne,, D, ISBN 9783932187889
        Dune, Lavalette, USA, ISBN 9780984297320
2003    Wilderness, Artimo, NL, ISBN 9075380755
2000    Sightseeing, De Balie, NL, ISBN 9066172479

2020    verwirklichungen, 4K video 21', Misha de Ridder teaser
2008    I Love Alaska, Director of Photography, HD video 50'
        Direction Lernert & Sander, Production Submarine
        (2009 Netherlands Film Festival, 2010 Tromsø International
        Film Festival) watch online
2022    generative by nature, 36 JPG on custom marketplace by Moniker
2021    high up close by, 22 JPG on Foundation, Assembly, NY/Houston

PUBLICATIONS (selection)
2022    The One Minutes, 'The BOLOHO Series' video series >
2020    The One Minutes, 'so real, so very now' video series >
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        Kunstcollectie KPMG, NL
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2019    la nuit approche, The One Minutes China Award, China >
    The Clearing, The One Minutes China Award, China
2011    Abendsonne, Best Books of 2011, Photo-Eye, USA
        Dune, long list Best Books of 2011, Photo-Eye, USA
2022    Grant Artist Basic, Mondriaan Fund
2020    Project Grant for Artists, Mondriaan Fund
        Garantiesubsidie, Stokroos Foundation
2019    Paul Deiters Stipend, Stokroos Foundation
2018    Grant for Publication, Mondriaan Fund
    Amsterdam Photography Commission, Amsterdam City Archives
        Stipendium for Established Artists, Mondriaan Fund
        Development Budget,
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts       
1999 - 2016 (miscellaneous)
        Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
        Fonds Kwadraat (Materiaalfonds)
        Mondriaan Fund (The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts,
and Architecture & Mondriaan Foundation)
        Fonds Cultuur+Financiering

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